The Culture of Not Replying | Medium

Are we (really) a generation of ghosters?

19 Hammers Strike Mirrors around You in Eerie Installation Artwork | Contemporary Sound Art

Rebecca Horn’s ‘Ballet of the Woodpeckers’ (1986) at Tate Modern, London

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Collaborating with Machines

Creative Londoners: Writer and Photographer

This Installation Immerses You in a Texture of Reverberant Voices (and Darkness)

I wrote about Susan Philipsz’s sound installation ‘I See a Darkness’ for Contemporary Sound Art.

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Transforming the Body into Abstract Art

Creative Londoners: Writer & Photographer


Held in Shoreditch’s Ziferblat, MONTALBANO//QURESHI was a joint street photography exhibition for which I wrote material

Data-Inspired Spectacle Engulfs Your Sense of Reality

But something else made Ryoji Ikeda’s Barbican Hall performance particularly exciting for sound art. A minimalist assemblage

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Painting the Female Experience

Creative Londoners: Writer & Photographer

The Far Right Doesn’t Know the Difference between Leftists and Centrists

In a fiery debate last month on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, co-host Piers Morgan tried to takedown left-wing journalist and