5 Key Ingredients of a Good Coworking Space

Nowadays, coworking spaces are part and parcel of startup culture. But choosing one to be your mission control centre is a tricky task. So here are some important considerations to guide you in your search for yours.


When it comes to running a business, good internet is as important as how many hours there are in a day. You’ve made so many difficult, efficiency-based decisions to get this far. Don’t let bad wifi slow you down.


What strikes you when you first walk through the doors of a coworking space? There’s a reason why that’s important. You already carefully chose the coworking-space style business over the traditional company-office style business for good reason. Your potential clients & interviewees will wonder why you did if, on first meeting, you invite them to a coworking space that barely distinguishable from an “internet café”. A good coworking space should be a place you would be happy to be a reflection of your brand.


As coworking spaces become increasingly popular, they also get fuller and fuller. This is a simple point: make sure the place is either 1) huge or 2) not the No. 1 most popular coworking space in your city. Do some searching around before you settle on a space.


To the newbie, coworking spaces could easily be misinterpreted for kitchen/living room showrooms overrun with laptop-clad millennials. But unlike the third floor of John Lewis, most coworking spaces that you are considering should be offering a range of amenities to help the day go smoothly. Don’t consider any that don’t have these standard benefits.

  • Unlimited, free coffee and a range of teas
  • A free, accessible kitchen
  • Private rooms for meetings and calls
  • Open-plan spaces and social areas where you can have conversations without gathering disapproving looks


This one is a little blindingly obvious. But no doubt an easy one to forget once you get into the flow of working in your new spot. Look around. Who’s working in the space you’re in? And do they have interests in common with you? Remember: a good coworking space should be a hub of creativity and like-minds coming together to create things that are truly new.